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Coolest Gadgets Ever!

Coolest Gadgets Ever!

As someone who is really into technology I am simply blown away by all the technological gadgets that are available and that you can buy on the market. These technological gadgets are surely a dream come true to anyone who has ever had dreams of becoming a 007 spy agent when they were kids. That being said, technological gadgets are also very affordable nowadays, even though there are still gadgets that are really expensive, too.

Still, without further ado, let me introduce you to some gadget that I think we are simply blessed to have, that could be very useful in your everyday lives, and that are absolutely amazing! But you can also read up on big gadget sites like Techimperatives or WEARABLE.


The first gadget I would like to introduce you to is earHero. If you have ever had problems with your headphones and traffic, you can forget about them just by using this neat gadget. earHero is actually a set of headphones that is designed in such a way to block out the noise with the music that you will love, however it doesn’t shut out the entire world around you and you will be able to hear sirens, and other alarming sounds in traffic. Finally, someone part of the way to listen to your favorite music and not be a traffic hazard at the same time.

Drift Light

Having troubles falling asleep? Well, you can say goodbye to all of that if you just purchase this amazing gadget called Drift Light. Drift Light is actually a LED bulb, that gradually fades away from brightness to complete darkness. The entire process of this gradual fading last for 37 minutes. The reason why the manufacturers decided to make it that long is the reason which is hidden in nature. Namely, it takes 37 minutes for the Sun to set, as it is the average length of a sunset. Also, the gradual fading of light will put you to sleep naturally and you won’t have problems next time you go to bed. It is a simple invention, but it is surely a useful one too, and the one which will be able to solve many problems of many insomniacs.

Picture Keeper

Yes, it is fairly easy to snap a photo nowadays, but what are you doing to keep it safe? If your answer is nothing, well, I must face you to the fact that you are risking to lose all your precious memories because you are not disciplined enough to make copies of your digital photographs. Surely, backing up your photographs is a tiresome task, especially arranging them into folders and even CDs cannot be trusted, since they are easily corrupt over just a short period of time. So, what are you supposed to do, and is there even a solution to this grave matter? (Just kidding, still, memories are precious!) Surely you can make copies, but your task will be much easier if you decide to use Picture Keeper. Picture Keeper will make it easy for you to keep your photographs and memories safe and treasure them forever.

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