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October 11, 2017 8:26 am

A Quality Assurance Agency Can Help Grow your Business


If you haven’t worked in a call center before, the concept of call metrics may seem quite foreign; call metrics provide quantitative data that measures how well a particular call center adheres to service level agreements, response time, call handle time, hold time, and most importantly, measures customer satisfaction. This information is critical, it shapes the customer’s perception of the company and influences their decision when it comes to remaining a customer or going to a competitor. Call center data is comprised of the aggregation of several key areas; by employing an effective quality assurance agency, companies will be able to use this information to better evaluate how their call centers are performing.


One of the biggest benefits of using a quality assurance agency for your call center is that the information obtained is completely objective, it’s not influenced by employee relationships or any other factors, beyond the scope of the phone calls taken by each call center agent. So, how are the calls evaluated? Quality assurance introduces a rating system that provides definitive information related to how quickly callers can connect with an agent, how long it takes to resolve an issue, and how often a caller is placed on hold; this data considered the call center’s KPI (key performance indicators).


Additionally, quality assurance agencies can measure an agent’s soft skills, which are the attributes that enable someone to interact effectively with others; although this information may be considered subjective, it plays a significant role in the customer experience. Comprehensive call center quality assurance is much more than merely crunching numbers; it also encompasses the agent’s use of empathy and their capacity to remain attentive and express courtesy when engaging with a caller.

If you elect to use a third party quality assurance agency to gather this information, you’re encouraged to be as clear as possible when specifying proper protocol and agent expectations, providing this information ensures that all calls are evaluated consistently.


How do these evaluations help call center managers? They help in the following areas:

  • Identifying inefficiency
  • Training opportunities
  • Customer experience
  • Identifies agent’s adherence to procedures

In addition, great quality assurance benefits your company as a whole; the information procured from these evaluations have been proven to reduce employee turnover, improve customer loyalty, lower operating expenses, and help drive sales.


Although most companies are capable of doing their own evaluations, utilizing a third party quality assurance agency allows you to focus on other areas of your business. This could mean generating new accounts or shoring up existing accounts, and the information obtained from quality assurance agencies can help streamline that process. As with any business, working more efficiently is the key to getting more accomplished; so if you haven’t considered using a quality assurance agency, perhaps now is the time to do so.

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October 11, 2017 7:47 am

The 5 most efficient and Unique Ergonomic Mouse in 2017

The word ergonomic has become one of the most popular words in the world of computers nowadays. Whenever people plan to buy something that is a computer-related furniture such as keyboards, mouse, and chairs, they will usually search for an ergonomic version of it. The word ergonomic itself means “designed for efficiency and comfort.” The thing about ergonomic things these days is that not only do they provide efficiency and comfort but they also offer style. For now, let’s talk about the best ergonomic mouse this year.


  • Swiftpoint GT Natural – If you spend most of your time on your computers like gamers or those who work online or in an office environment, Swiftpoint GT Natural is probably the best, if not the best mouse out there for you. Because it has a design that offers a pen-like grip that is relaxing for all hand sizes, it is a good investment for you to avoid soreness and strain that you will probably suffer one day.
  • EV Laser – Because of EV Laser’s unique design, it ensures the user that he or she would not have to use his or her forearm anymore, like in most standard mouses. Along with its super-fast transmission for gaming and browsing, it also offers a precise and sensitive laser sensor. The EV Laser also provides LED light in 7 colors to choose from and would be usable even at 10 meters away from the computer.
  • TeckNet Pro Wireless – The design of TeckNet Pro Wireless is very similar to most mice so you might wonder why we have this mice so high in our list as top 3. The reason is for its highly customizable user experience. Using its software, you can quickly change the color of the LED light, and you can easily customize the cursor speed.
  • Anker Optical – The Anker Optical is a wireless ergonomic mouse with a unique design that would perfectly fit any hand-size’s palm. Usually, the problem with wireless mice is that you would have to change its battery regularly. But now with this mouse. It has a power saving mode that automatically turns off the mouse after idling for 8 minutes. That means, people who are fond of leaving their computers on while they are away or sleeping because they are downloading or recording some work, will be able to save a ton of money for electricity.
  • Evoluent Vertical – The Evoluent Vertical features a design that looks like it was crafted by an orthopedic surgeon, with precise care on how it can make the finger joints sore and stress-free. The buttons are placed strategically in a way that the user does not have to contort or twist his or her fingers when using it. Because of how using the traditional mouse position can cause pain in your hand’s joint, it is usually admiseable to go for an alternative to that design if you use computers a lot in a daily basis, and the Evoluent Vertical provides exactly that.
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October 1, 2017 8:30 am

Take online Excel training courses to help improve your spreadsheet skills

Have you recently found out you need to use Excel for work or for a business you own? Is it quite a long time since you have used an Excel spreadsheet, so are not really sure how to use many of the functions Excel now comes with?

If so, an easy way to brush up on your spreadsheet skills is to sign up for online excel training courses. Not only will the right course teach you how to use basic Excel functions in just a couple of hours, if you take it long enough you will learn all the more complicated things as well.

How to find a good online Excel training course — With many online Excel training courses available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

The best way to go about doing so is to read reviews of some of the more popular courses, so you can find out what people who have already taken them are saying about them.

Make a note of the online Excel training courses people seem to like, and go to their websites to find out more about them.

What to look for when researching a course — Every Excel training course is different, but there are still some things you can look for that will help you make a good decision when it comes to deciding which course to take.

First, you want to know how much each course costs. Once you know this, you should then compare each course against any other you may be interested in, looking at not only the price but what each course offers.

Make a check list of each course’s features, so it is easy to compare one against the other. Delete the ones from your list that are higher in price yet do not offer all the topics of study that others do.

Studying at your own pace versus timed study — Some Excel training courses online start at a specific time of the month and end at a specific time.

That means you have to find time in your schedule to start and finish the course within the time frame allowed.

If this works for you, then you will often learn just as much with one of these types of courses as you will with another. A benefit of this type of course also is that it will force you to sit down and study, as the time you can do so within will be limited.

If this type of study does not work for you, however, then look for an Excel training course that allows you to study at any time you like and over as many months as you like. That way you can study during the time frame that works for your particular schedule.

Choose the course you think offers what you need and start studying. If you dedicate the needed time to it, you could end up being somewhat of an Excel spreadsheet expert in just a few weeks once you do.

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September 11, 2017 6:44 pm

Tips for pushing your Instagram Account to the next level

A lot of people have Instagram accounts, but many of them do not know how to get people interested in what they are posting. There are some simple tips, aside from buying followers from comprare followers instagram, that people can follow to boost the number of people that are checking out their Instagram profile.

Post New Pics Continuously

This may seem like a very obvious thing to do, but it makes sense to post pics on a regular basis. This is definitely going to be the thing that gives people a lot of reasons to keep coming back to your profile.

If you are posting stuff on a regular basis people are going to follow you. They are going to tell others about your page as well. That is why posting pictures on a continuous basis is a guaranteed way to get people interested in what you are doing on Instagram. There are going to be people that are commenting on your new pics that you posted, and these comments may actually lead other people to your page. That is why it is always good to be camera ready and have a lot of pics ready to go. This is going to be the best way to get people to take interest in what you are doing on Instagram.

Comment on other peoples pictures

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to lead people to your Instagram account you should be active in commenting on pictures from other people. When you take time to make comments on someone else’s pictures on their Instagram profile they may become curious enough to check out your profile. This is always going to be a good way to get a hold of those people that would otherwise not even take time to go to your account.

There are so many strangers that are bored and looking for something to do. If you post something funny about their picture or give a compliment there is a good chance that this person may check out your Instagram account as well. This is something that can often lead you to get more users.

When you comment on someone else’s pictures it also gives you a chance to maximize your exposure with the friends of the people that you made a comment on. It is not always the person that has two pictures that you commented on that makes your Instagram account grow. Sometimes it is just a random friend of this person that has seen you making comments on the page. When this happens it can become quite easy for other people to check out what you are saying because you may have made some of their friends laugh.

Creating Unique Screen Names

It is definitely in your best interest to create a unique screen name when you are trying to get someone new to click on your page. This is the way that many people obtain fans that they may not even know. Unique screen names can make people curious about you, and that leads to more followers.

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September 1, 2017 3:36 pm

Attracting a Larger Audience thaN the Competition: Grow your IG

Social media provides many people the opportunity to reach a global audience with minimal cost and effort. The trouble is that with so many of your competition also aware of this, you can get lost in a crowded niche overnight as the competition simple buries you in the process. What you might not be aware of is this, the hidden truth to growing an Instagram account is buying followers. This is one way to gain all the advantages of this social platform while keeping a nice distance between you and your closest competitor.

The Ability to Be the Leader Overnight

Growing an Instagram account by buying followers is going to be the fastest way for you to leap ahead of all those other competitors in your niche. Many of these people have taken years to have those huge numbers, and you can now get them overnight. These numbers are very important to the overall success of your account and efforts because the first thing a new visitor will see is those follower numbers. When you have 500 followers and your competitor has 5,000 followers, you can see why you lose traffic to the others. When you buy followers and leap to the front of your niche, you make it that much easier for your new organic traffic to interact because they see you as the industry leader.

Attracting a Larger Audience that the Competition

Soon after you make the effort to buy those followers from a reliable and professional service (e.g. ganhar likes no instagram), you are going to start to see the fruits of that labor right out of the gate. The organic traffic looking in your niche is concerned about dealing with a leader and hanging where the crowds are. This is all about being social, and if that traffic thinks you have 1,000s of followers hanging at your pages, they want to see what all that excitement is all about. While the numbers are helping to bring in the new traffic, all you have to do at this point is to keep them entertained by adding fresh and relevant content on a steady regimen. Post new content at the same time daily to keep traffic coming back.

Using Followers to Expand Your Social Reach

So now that you have the traffic coming back each day, what happens next is perhaps the biggest benefit to buying those followers in the first place. When the organic traffic returns and sees all the interaction, they want to be a part of all that action. Since they have already followed you, they want to be the first to show their inner circle all about you. They share your posts, they tag their friends in the comments, and they like your videos. Each one of these actions is sending out the word to new traffic and getting even more eyes on your content, helping to further expand your following without lifting a finger.

So now you should have a better understanding as to the hidden truth to growing an Instagram account is buying followers.

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April 18, 2017 12:26 pm

What does a marketing agency do?

A Brief Overview of What You Need to Know Before an Online Marketing Agencies


A marketing agency will help you reach audiences and demographics you may not be able to otherwise. They help implement strategies and other planning tools to help you reach these goals. This may sound achievable to many of you. There are some things you need to know first.


1)Have a clearly defined goal in place


This is a must. You cannot go anywhere without a plan in mind. A marketing agency, like creative marketing agencies london, cannot help you either. You cannot hire a company and expect it to magically work out. Some companies will take you on without a properly conceived plan. This rarely works out. Saying to them, “I want to hire you to make my business better than it is” is not going to cut it. You need to show the agency what you have and where you want to go.


2)Keep an eye on the costs


The agency you hire needs to have a firm grasp on the numbers. This goes for everyone including the staff. A staff who does not have a firm grasp on the numbers will see to it your plan fails. This may not happen intentionally, but it will happen.


Costs will include things like campaign costs and ROI rollovers. You need to know the numbers for what traffic is producing the lowest numbers in cost. You need to know which traffic is producing the highest numbers in cost. The highest numbers are the ones you want to hold on to.


3)Know your budget


The agency can only do so much. You need to know how much you can afford to spend. The larger companies can afford to be more aggressive with their campaigns. Those of you who are smaller have to rely on a stricter budget. You have to be upfront with the agency on how much you can afford to spend. Be honest with them. They cannot help you when you are not being honest.


4)Think long-term


This is going to be a long-term business relationship. You have to be able to trust the agency you are working with. Can they deliver the goods? Can they deliver what the promise? Will they be honest about their delivery status? Trust works both ways.


Your success will not come right away but do expect some degree of transparency. Find out from them on the timeframe on success. Hold them to this timeframe. Ask them to communicate any kind of problems that may come along. Companies that do not hold a 100% trust are not worth working with.


5)Get proof


You need to have the proof to back up the agency’s success rate. Get the proof from them. Companies that have a 100% success rate will not have any issues with this. You need to look at the case studies. Take a look at these studies before you hire them. You never take someone at their word.

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March 9, 2017 5:58 pm

Things To Look For When Shopping For A Kids' Laptop

Parents – at some point – are going to want to purchase a laptop for their children. This can become a difficult process because children often use their laptops for something different than what their parents might use a laptop for. This is why parents must take the time to go through a sort of check list and see the things that are going to make the purchase experience easier.

Battery Life

Kids that have laptops are probably going to spend a considerable amount of time utilizing these devices. There may be a family computer in the home, but if a child has access to his own laptop it is much more likely that they are going to do their work and all of their social media gazing through the laptop.

Parents are going to want to look for a laptop that has long battery life for this reason. Kids may find themselves playing games and spending a lot of time on sites like YouTube during the course of the day. They’re going to need sufficient better life in order to do these things so it makes sense to find laptops that have a long battery life so kids are not trying to charge up every couple of hours.

2-in-1 options

In this day and age the laptop has changed so much over the years. There are some outstanding laptops that are considered 2-in-1 devices and this makes them an excellent choice among laptops for kids. This means that it can function as a laptop, but the keyboard can disconnect and it can also be used as a tablet.

People that have had a chance to see the Microsoft Surface tablet are familiar with this type of technology. This is a great idea because it allows kids to utilize the tablet if they want to watch videos or movies when they’re out and about. At the same time, and it allows kids to connect the keyboard and also get homework done if they need something that is more like a full computer.

Sufficient Memory

If you have kids that are planning to play video games on their laptops as most kids do, it is going to be very important to get a sufficient amount of memory. This plays a big role in the way that the children are able to play the games. If they don’t have it at least 4 GB it will be difficult to run a lot of games like this. It is almost a given that 8 GB is better for the gaming experience.

Size of Screen

The size of the screen is also something that parents are going to want to consider as well. Most parents instantly would assume that buying a laptop with a big screen is what would be ideal because they are thinking from the perspective of an adult. Most kids, on the other hand, are going to want something that is lightweight and portable. They’re not going to want something with a large screen that seems overbearing. It is going to be a lot more valuable to have access to a laptop that can be carried in the car or from one room to another with ease.


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December 18, 2015 9:10 am

Coolest Gadgets Ever!

As someone who is really into technology I am simply blown away by all the technological gadgets that are available and that you can buy on the market. These technological gadgets are surely a dream come true to anyone who has ever had dreams of becoming a 007 spy agent when they were kids. That being said, technological gadgets are also very affordable nowadays, even though there are still gadgets that are really expensive, too.

Still, without further ado, let me introduce you to some gadget that I think we are simply blessed to have, that could be very useful in your everyday lives, and that are absolutely amazing! But you can also read up on big gadget sites like Techimperatives or WEARABLE.


The first gadget I would like to introduce you to is earHero. If you have ever had problems with your headphones and traffic, you can forget about them just by using this neat gadget. earHero is actually a set of headphones that is designed in such a way to block out the noise with the music that you will love, however it doesn’t shut out the entire world around you and you will be able to hear sirens, and other alarming sounds in traffic. Finally, someone part of the way to listen to your favorite music and not be a traffic hazard at the same time.

Drift Light

Having troubles falling asleep? Well, you can say goodbye to all of that if you just purchase this amazing gadget called Drift Light. Drift Light is actually a LED bulb, that gradually fades away from brightness to complete darkness. The entire process of this gradual fading last for 37 minutes. The reason why the manufacturers decided to make it that long is the reason which is hidden in nature. Namely, it takes 37 minutes for the Sun to set, as it is the average length of a sunset. Also, the gradual fading of light will put you to sleep naturally and you won’t have problems next time you go to bed. It is a simple invention, but it is surely a useful one too, and the one which will be able to solve many problems of many insomniacs.

Picture Keeper

Yes, it is fairly easy to snap a photo nowadays, but what are you doing to keep it safe? If your answer is nothing, well, I must face you to the fact that you are risking to lose all your precious memories because you are not disciplined enough to make copies of your digital photographs. Surely, backing up your photographs is a tiresome task, especially arranging them into folders and even CDs cannot be trusted, since they are easily corrupt over just a short period of time. So, what are you supposed to do, and is there even a solution to this grave matter? (Just kidding, still, memories are precious!) Surely you can make copies, but your task will be much easier if you decide to use Picture Keeper. Picture Keeper will make it easy for you to keep your photographs and memories safe and treasure them forever.

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December 18, 2015 8:41 am

A Talk About Technology

First of all, I would like to wish all of you a warm welcome to my new blog! I would like to thank all of you who read this and I would like you to know that this blog is very important to me because I want to share my knowledge with my readers, but hopefully you will enjoy it too.

The reason why I decided to start this blog about technology is because I have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to technology, that I just simply wanted to find a way to share all this knowledge with other people. For years I have been giving advice to my friends and family about which technological device they should use or buy. Naturally, over at the years many of my friends have encouraged me to start my own blog, but I was reluctant to do so until recently.

It wasn’t until recently that I really started to think about this idea and the more I thought about it the more I grew fond of it. Unlike other commercialized blogs, this blog will not be used in commercial purposes, as I will genuinely tried to give you to write and useful information, that will ultimately save your money and provide you with the best technological device on the market.


My aim is not to advertise any devices or manufacturers, my aim is simply to give you the right information and the right advice. Also, I would like to encourage you to use this advice, but still decide on your own when it comes to buying a new technological device. Therefore, I strongly would encourage anyone to read the opinions of others, and make their own opinions regardless from anyone else’s.
Not only that this blog will be the perfect place where you will be able to read more about technology, but you will also find many useful pieces of information that might benefit you, as well as find people who are interested in technology the way you are. If you would like to learn more about technology and be able to carry a conversation about technology, make sure that you read my blog regularly, as this knowledge will not only come in handy in everyday life, but it will also provide you with a great conversation topics that are up-to-date.

In addition to what I have previously said, I would also like you to give your own thoughts and opinions on technological devices that you have come across with or have had contact with. Also, I will appreciate every effort that you put in writing comments or are giving your feedback. It is immensely important to me to have your feedback on my blog, as it will help me improve my blog and write more about things that interest you. Also, if you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you would like to cover a specific topic you may bring it to my attention, and I will try my best to write an article about it.

Enjoy reading my blog!
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